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September 3, 2012
Press Release
To : Business Editor For immediate release
Ensure protection against termites with Hometrek TC
Safety and protection against thieves, robbers, and even fire is something we
always consider important every time we construct our house. But how about
those unwanted intruders- termites that are ready to live with you and destroy
your biggest investment?
Even before the construction begins there are already termites foraging in the
soil. Without soil treatment, termites are free to enter the structure and will surely
find their way to areas where there is wood and other food sources. It is like you
had your gates and doors left open for thieves and robbers to come in. That is
why soil treatment is a must-have in every construction project.
Jardine Distribution, Inc.
Jardine Distribution Building
222 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue
Makati City 1230
Tel (632) 843 6011 Fax (632) 817 9461
www.jardinedistribution.comHometrek TC is a soil termiticide concentrate that protects structures against
attacks of subterranean termites. Hometrek TC is proven effective because of its
active ingredient called Cholypyrifos that repels termites from entering the
structure. Hometrek TC creates a liquid barrier around the structure to ensure
protection against termites.
Hometrek TC can be used for pre-construction and post construction. However,
prevention is always better than cure so pre-construction is preferred. Postconstruction treatment becomes necessary if pre-construction was not employed.
Hometrek TC is available in gallon, 1 liter and 240 ml.
Goodbye to Anay with Hometrek TC!
For more information on Hometrek, please call Jardine Distribution, Inc. at 843-
6011 to 19 or send your email at cs@jardinedistribution.com.
For further information, please contact:
Jardine Distribution, Inc.
Edwin H. Hernandez (632) 843-6011
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