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  • For repair of cement cracks.
  • For repair of active leaks (tagas at tulo) up to 1500 psi.
  • For anchoring bolts on cement surface
  • “3 minutes lang, tapos ang problema”
  • Available in one (1) gallon can, quart can and 200 gram sachet

Waterplug Brochures:

Click here to download Waterplug MSDS

I. Brand Name Waterplug
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Description Fast Setting Hydraulic Cement
Manufacturer BASF
Pack Sizes 200 grams (sachet)
  2.5 pounds (Quart)
  4.5 kilograms (Gallon)
   25 kilograms (Pail)
Available Color Gray

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Durable  • Expands as it sets to ensure a permanent watertight seal   • Proven effective with no  adverse effect on reinforcements
   • Mechanical characteristic similar to concrete  
   •Chloride-free, will not promote corrosion of reinforcement  
Non Toxic  • Maybe used for swimming pools, ponds or concrete water tanks  • Safe to use
Cost effective  • Ultra rapid setting for instant leak plugging  • Quick solution to active leaks
  • Blocks water, no injection equipment required  
Simple to use  • Only to be mixed with water  • Easy to use and apply
Manufactured by BASF  • Assured high quality  • Confidence in the product