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Optimum Flex

Optimum Flex is a flexible cement waterproofing slurry. A flexible membrane waterproofing system, it consists of liquid polymer (part A) and pre mixed powder (part B), when combined produces a brushable slurry.  The product is based on synthetic resins and special cement.

Optimum Flex Brochures:

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I. Brand Name Optimum Flex
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Description Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Coating 
Manufacturer BASF
Packaging 4 kilograms (Gallon) = 1.1 kg liquid, 2.9 powder
  18 kilograms (Pail) = 5 kg liquid, 13 kg powder
Available Color Gray

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Flexible Membrane Waterproofing • Can stand moderate movements • For waterproofing of areas susceptible to movements.
Excellent Adhesion • Improved bond strength on a variety of substrates  • Will adhere also to wood, steel or glass
Easy to Apply  • Minimal time required to finish waterproofing application. • Brush-able, quicker, and easier work for the applicator
Permeable to Water Vapors • Allows surface to breathe preventing build up of vapour pressure. • Does not trap moisture, cause of leaks.
Resistant to Weathering • Suitable for use in exposed conditions. • Stable under UV rays.
Non toxic • Can be applied on surfaces in contact with drinking water. • Safe to use for concrete water tanks.