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SURESEAL is an elastomeric, solvent-release temperature curing sealant for use in various substrates as an excellent sealing and bonding agent. In the cured state, it is transformed into a tough, rubber-like gasket which offers reasonable motion, contraction and expansion, of the connected elements without cracking or losing adhesion.

SURESEAL is made up of polychloroprene rubber, a unique and very stable rubber which provides the excellent adhesion strength of joined substrates at half the price compared to other sealing agents, like epoxy and silicone. Hence, it is widely used in the construction business and transport/container van manufacturing industries.
SURESEAL is best to use in GI roofing, pvc pipes, gutters, downspouts. It is proven to have excellent adhesion.
With SURESEAL, Sure Dikit! Sure Tatagal!
SURESEAL elastomeric sealant comes in gallon, liter, 500ml, 250ml, and 82.5g pouch. It is available in all leading hardware and DIY stores nationwide.

SureSeal Brochures:

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I. Brand Name SURE SEAL Elastomeric Sealant
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Polychloropene Rubber
Packaging 1 Gallon
1 Liter
500 ml
250 ml
82.5 ml pouch
Standard Stocking Unit 4 x 1 Gallon can
12 x 1 Liter can
12 x 500 ml can
24 x 250 ml can
24 x 82.5 ml pouch


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Sure Dikit • Excellent adhesion on substrates.  Tested by DOST. Works even on damp surface. • Sure product performance. Value for money.
Sure Tatagal • Longer lasting than other brands  • No need to change more frequently.  Save time and money.
Sure Easy • Excellent workability, easy to use. • Work is done faster, save on time and money
Sure Tipid • More affordable, more durable • “Hindi palit ng palit dahil maganda ang performance” – save on time and money
Sure Elastic • Slow curing
• Hindi madaling tumigas
• Iwas Crack
• Iwas Brittle