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ZAP AK (AK Stands for All Knockdown) Mosquito Killer is a high quality insecticide specially formulated to effectively kill mosquito without the irritating smell.

Water-based formula to effectively kill mosquito

ZAP AK Mosquito Killer’s high quality active ingredients plus advanced formulation provide faster knockdown power to kill mosquito compared to regular multi-insect killer in the market.

Sure quality

ZAP AK Mosquito Killer is distributed by Jardine Distribution Inc., a known multinational marketing and distribution company; while the active ingredient is sourced from Sumitomo Chemical, a leading Japanese chemical company.


ZAP AK Mosquito Killer has an anti-dengue formula to combat dengue carrying mosquitoes.

Great value for money

ZAP AK Mosquito Killer is more affordable and effectively control mosquito, yet provides better performance than other brands.

I. Brand Name ZAP AK Mosquito Killer
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient 0.10% prallethrin
0.075% d-phenothrin
Packaging 300 ml Aerosol Can
500 ml Aerosol Can
Standard Stocking Unit 1 carton x 12 x 300 ml Aerosol cans
1 carton x 12 x 500 ml Aerosol cans
Active Ingredient Supplier Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan
Manufacturer Aero-Pack Industries, Inc.

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

High Quality Active Ingredient • Formulated to effectively kill mosquito • Guaranteed efficacy
Anti-dengue formula • Kills dengue carrying mosquitos • Ease worries from dengue fever
Developed by leading companies in home pest solution • Reliable and trustworthy  • Peace of mind
Competitive price • Affordable • Good value for money
Packed in aerosol cans • Covers hard to reach areas and convenient to use • No messy preparation