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  • Extender – Pampadami ng halo.
  • Strengthener – Pampatibay ng konkreto
  • Enhancer – Pampaganda ng kalidad

Rheomix Brochures:

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I. Brand Name Rheomix
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Description Cement Additive
Manufacturer BASF
Pack Sizes 120 grams (sachet)
Available Color Semi-Orange

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

3-in-1  • Comfortable to use  and store  • Less need for stock  space
 • Bigger savings
Extender  • Can increase CHB and  concrete mixtures by
 up to 30%
 • Cost effective
 • Bigger savings
Strengthener  • Can increase  compressive strength
 of concrete up to 30%
 • Cost effective
 • Bigger savings
Enhancer  • Makes concrete more  compact, improves
 • Cost effective
 • Bigger savings
Manufactured by BASF  • Assured high quality  • Confidence in the product