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Sumicidin contains Fenvalerate, a synthetic pyrethroid, widely used in vegetables and mango to control worms and hoppers. It is also registered on tobacco against budworm.

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I. Brand Name Sumicidin 3 EC
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Fenvalerate 30 g / kg
Solvent Xylene
Mode of Action Contact and Stomach
Insecticide Group Synthetic Pyrethroid
Manufacturer Sumitomo Chemicals Co
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Pack Sizes 1000 ml
500 ml
250 ml


Crop and Pests Registration

Target Pests
(Tbsp / 16 L Water)
Mango Mango Hoppers
Tip Borers
Twig Borers
5 – 8
Crucifers Diamond-back moth
Cabbage worms
5 – 8
Beans Aphids
Bean Lycaenid
5 – 8
Cucurbits (watermelon, etc.) Squash beetles 5 – 8
Tobacco Aphids
5 – 8
Cotton Aphids
5 – 8


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Active ingredient is Fenvalerate • Proven and Tested
• Quick knockdown of pests
• Long lasting effect
• Broad spectrum
• Reliable
• Immediate protection
• Less frequency of spraying = less cost
• Total control
With repellant action • Prevents entry of pests from other fields • Protection againsts migrants
• Longer protection
Low per pack size price • Competitive • Affordable
EC Formulation • Easy to mix • Convenient
Category IV Insecticide • Less toxic to non-target organisms
• Short pre-harvest interval
• Lower risk
• Less residues
• Ideal for vegetables