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Tornado is a broad spectrum early post-emergent herbicide that is highly effective vs. annual grasses, broadleaves and sedges. Tornado is tough on weeds but safe to young rice seedlings in transplanted and direct-seeded rice.

With proper water management, there’s no need to do a follow-up spray as Tornado will eliminate common weed problems in rice.

Tornado is available in 1000 ml and 500 ml sizes. 1 liter is good for 1 hectare of rice.

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I. Brand Name Tornado
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Butachlor + Propanil
Mode of Action Contact, Early post emergent
Herbicide Group Chloroacetanilides & mixture
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate
Manufacturer Agchem Manufacturing
Pack Sizes 1 liter500 ml

Crop and Pests Registration

Target Weeds   Dosage (Tbsp/16 L Water)
 Rice            Annual Grasses,Broadleaves, Sedges   10

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Butachlor + Propanil • Broadspectrum • Eradicates weed problem
– enhances yield
  • Used in TP & DS  
Early Post Emergent  • Used only when grasses appear  • No wastage of pre-em if no grasses will appear
  • No need for follow-up • Cost savings
1 liter = 1 ha  • Cost effective • More savings 
Liquid EC formulation • Easy to mix & handle • Convenient
1000 & 500 ml pack sizes • More Options • Can fit requirements
FPA registered / Cat 3 • Assured quality • Safe when used as recommended